We specialise in the design and construction of bespoke tracker action organs. Over a period in excess of twenty years we have been creating musical solutions for organs both small and large, often in restricted architectural situations. As an organist, designer, and organbuilder, Kenneth Tickell brings a unique perspective to bear on the individual design parameters for each project. Our team of talented craftsmen and associates then bring design into reality.

We offer the following services to our clients:

  • New tracker organs, both large and small
  • Continuo organs
  • Home practice organs
  • Continuo organ hire for concerts and recordings
  • Restoration of existing worthy instruments
  • Tuning and maintenance in the Midlands and East Anglia
  • Custom joinery associated with a new organ installation

The firm is a business member of the Institute of British Organ Building (IBO) and holds their accreditation for building new mechanical action organs, and for restoration, rebuilding and tuning & maintenance. We are also members of the International Society of Organbuilders (ISO).

High quality casework: a fusion of design, aesthetic and the art of the cabinetmaker - the Nave organ at Sherborne Abbey. (2005)