Manchester Cathedral, UK


Kenneth Tickell and Company have been engaged throughout 2016 in the building of a new organ for the Cathedral and Collegiate Church of St Mary, St Denys and St George in Manchester.

The new organ has been designed to enhance worship in both the chancel and nave of the cathedral, as well as being a distinguished concert and recital instrument. The musical and liturgical needs of a cathedral should govern the design and placement of an instrument, and for most of the working life of this cathedral an organ, or portions of an organ, have been included on the screen. The beautiful medieval screen will be reinforced to allow the new organ to sit above it with case fronts facing both East to the altar and quire, where daily services are sung, and West to the newly paved nave where Sunday morning services, many concerts and diocesan services take place.

The new organ, of six divisions, comprises 79 stops over four manuals and pedal. The main screen case will contain the Great, Swell and Pedal, arranged to speak equally east and west. A Choir organ speaks east into the chancel and a west facing Positive organ provides solo repertoire orientated stops. Both of these divisions will play from the same manual. On the south side of the chancel, a two-level Solo organ will be provided in a position least evident from the nave, allowing new eastward vistas to be revealed when the current organ is removed. The Jesus Chapel pedal 32' stops will be retained as will two of the high pressure solo reeds and the Contre Viole. The organ will have tracker key action for Great, Swell, Positive and screen Pedal, and electric action for the Solo, Choir and 32' pedal chests. All coupling will be electric.

The organ may be played from either of two consoles; a mechanical action screen console positioned on the north side of the case, or the mobile electric-action console in the main body of the building.

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St John's School, Leatherhead


A new 36-stop, three-manual and pedal organ for the school chapel, completed summer 2015


Details can be seen here


Downing College, Combridge


A new 26-stop, two-manual and pedal organ, completed 2014


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Mr Rapkin Residence Organ

A new 6-stop,two-manual and pedal organ for a private residence, completed 2014


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St Michael's Betchworth, Surrey


The organ was installed in late November-December 2013 and was used for the Christmas services. Tonal finishing has continued into 2015.

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