To help you explore the examples, we have divided our work into galleries. Images and specifications within each gallery can be viewed individually, or you can simply allow the slide show to present all of new instruments. The gallery you are in now contains examples of our Continuo organs, which have been an important feature of our work from the earliest years of the firm to the present time. You can also navigate through the galleries by opus numbers using the links on the right.

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King's Consort Image
Opus 13
The King's Consort

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Peterborough Cathedral Image
Opus 15
Peterborough Cathedral

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St Pauls Cathedral Image
Opus 35
St Pauls Cathedral

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Tudley Festival Image
Opus 61
Venerable English College

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Blackburn Cathedral Image
Opus 47
Blackburn Cathedral

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Hereford Cathedral Image
Opus 53
Hereford Cathedral

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Jesus College Image
Opus 56
BBC Singers
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Pilgrim Uniting Image
Opus 71
Pilgrim Uniting Church
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Jesus College Image
Opus 73
Jesus College

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Selwyn College Image
Opus 74
Selwyn College
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Bristol Cathedral Image
Opus 79
Bristol Cathedral

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Lincoln Cathedral Image
Opus 81
Lincoln Cathedral

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Buckfast Abbey Image
Opus 83
Buckfast Abbey
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Our standard design Continuo organ has three stops and has been designed and built in two sections to enable easy transport in an estate car. Carrying handles are incorporated, and the keyboard retracts into the case for safety in transit. The constant pressure blower is self-contained in the lower section of the organ. The keyboard (CC - f 54 notes) offers a range of transpositions at A = 415, 430, standard 440, and 466, pitches which are in ever increasing use by baroque orchestras, and the organ can be tuned in any desired temperament. Variants of this design exist in four and five stops, usually incorporating a shifting movement pedal to silence all stops above 8ft pitch, a particularly useful feature for the verse anthem repertoire.

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